The hidden treasures in life

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

This is my first blog in medium. I have been longing to write something meaningful that could help everyone in one way or the other but I was never able to find a suitable platform. When I first came to know about medium I was pretty excited but being the soft introvert I am, I backed down a lot of times from expressing myself. Good gracious I was finally able to shed some of my introvertedness for good.

Coming to the part, I really wanted to have my voice heard not for me but for the people who are struggling to find happiness in every aspect of their life. I have always been astonished by almost everything happening around me. I still look at the world through the eyes of a child. Everything still seems pretty new to me when I take a closer look at our universe. Well talking about me, I have seen and felt the worst throughout my life. I lost my dad when I was young, I have been subject to multiple episodes of depression recently, I never thought I would ever have to go through all these but I firmly believed that whatever happens, I would come out of these struggles one day. I went through all of them one by one and what emerged from all those emotional struggles was a completely different mindset about life. I lost a lot. Maybe more than I could have ever imagined. I was struggling hard to find happiness, but eventually, I learned to reframe the word happiness in my own terms, which is why I am finally going to pen down about my thoughts on various aspects of our life, maybe if you find me helpful and entertaining we can cruise together in this journey to help everyone live life in the most beautiful way possible.

The beautiful thing about our life is “The more we seek and learn, The more the very way of how we experience this life changes”. So don’t stick to what you know. Be that kid who is always eager to find out more about the very fabric of this life, always be a seeker and you will see the magic of those words.

We are in a way the luckiest beings at least on this planet, with such an amazing ability to imagine, shape the world, find immense freedom and gain great dominance over our desires and having the ability to fulfill them, yet we rarely give it a thought and take these amazing abilities for granted. A lot of the actions we do in our life are done unconsciously. Yes. Interesting isn’t it? You might have never thought about that. Why? Because we have already made up in our head the kind of life we should live or we want to have and we are currently running the loop very successfully and the funny yet sad thing is almost every time this made-up life is a reflection of someone else’s way of living or in most cases a standard set by our society. We are eventually living a routine that we have set up for ourselves which makes living unconsciously even easier.

Today in this so-called Technologically Advanced Society we are more about living a system and not a life. Everyone is projecting themselves as completing their life in a very systematic way ( born, educate, job, marry, kids, get old, Goodbye beautiful life ) and we are firmly blinded by the belief that if we complete life only in this order then life will be happy and complete. Why?

2. Because it’s easy to follow the same damn thing to reach the same damn destination. We don’t even know if that is the destination we even want to reach in the end.

3. We are falling into an illusion that made us believe we are on the right path because the people who are hailed successful in our society followed the same path.

Actual success is when you are content and happy with your life”

Rarely do we understand that this comfortable systematic life isn’t actually living but an illusion that we are living. Alas, in the end, we open up to this truth when we are no more capable of following this system. We are all in a rat race trying to get ahead of everyone so that we can show off ourselves as the best stallion that is out there, meanwhile sacrificing and not giving ourselves a chance to find out what we really want for ourselves, what our soul is longing to do. Everyone is unique and everyone has immense potential yet everyone wants to do the same things, exactly one of the reasons why more than half of the population is sad. We rarely give ourselves the opportunity to choose even though we are given this beautiful gift of choice. We go after that which makes us look cool in front of society. We are crushing this immense possibility that our life is into a little jar made from expectations dumped by society. If this is not miserable then what is? Maybe it’s time to rethink our life, about ourselves and our amazing capabilities. The truth is the people who really live their life aren’t those who follow someone else’s version of life or system but those who tailored their own version of living that suited their happiness because everyone is unique and special and they eventually had the guts to follow their heart. Ignoring ourselves from experiencing this gift of life in its true essence is an insult to life itself. Be in love with your life.

Software Engineer at FRND