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I will be explaining this topic in two parts. In the first part i.e in this article we will be covering the concept behind Clean Architecture and in the second part we will be looking at how to implement the same in an Android project. Now before we dive into clean architecture let’s take a look at the necessity of a good software architecture in a project.

  1. It creates a solid foundation for the software project.
  2. Makes your platform scalable
  3. Avoids codes duplicity.
  4. Higher adaptability.
  5. Better code maintainability.

and much more…

Now we know the importance of software architectures and hence it is very vital and crucial to implement the right kind of architecture for our software project. The right software architecture will help us achieve all the ones mentioned above and also much more than that. But choosing the right architecture will largely depend upon the size of the project and the problems the software is trying to solve. For smaller projects I would suggest it is not required to implement heavy software architectures. Because implementing architecture means writing lots of boiler plate code which helps you write less code in the future. But if you are developing a large software, you are definitely going to need one because you will need to scale the project and there is going to be a lot of feature implementations and refactoring involved. …

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Now, before we look at higher order function let’s begin with an example to make things clear enough. Let’s say I have a requirement to capture a view in android as an image, apply some filters to the image, store it to the device and share it with any one. Below are the basic steps involved to achieve the same

I . I will need to refer the view and create a bitmap from it

2. Apply some complex filters

3. Store the bitmap to the device.

4. Fetch the image from location and share the image

I want to do this process of applying filter in a different thread instead of the UI thread since it might block the UI thread, we don’t want to hurt our poor UI thread don’t we? So I am using Rx to do the image generation process in a different thread. You can do it via other methods like Coroutines or Async task etc. …

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In this article I am focusing on some crucial aspects ranging from human behaviour to mindfulness. It is of the utmost importance that before we achieve something in life we must have a strong clarity about ourselves. But today most of us are running after goals blindly. Majority of our goals are just a reflection from an existing reality which we fell in love with for a variety of reasons, some for power, some for money and some for fame etc. True clarity can only be achieved when we are ready to unlearn and learn a lot of stuff in our life. I will begin with a small story. During my childhood days I used to spend a lot of time analysing and questioning all those stuffs happening around me so much that I used to reach a point where I would get bewildered. But more than anything the questions that took root in me were mostly about the self and human behaviour. I was also a kid who used to get frequently hurt either by my friends or my teachers for the most stupid reasons one could think of. I got slapped in my face once for not having a pencil to write. I hope I don’t need to explain anything further. I was so fragile in every ways that I used to be a punching bag for teachers who were frustrated with their own problems. Every day used to be a disaster in school. There were extreme times when I would cry and tell my parents I don’t want to go to school ever again because all I got was sufferings. Most of the private schools I had attended those days were very harsh and were trying to increase their reputation and standard by forcing themselves on children in all the wrong ways possible. The Funny thing was, the only reason I used to attend the school was because whatever happens dad was always there to my rescue. Dad would wreck havoc on anyone who laid a finger on me for unnecessary reasons. These things always made me think about how the people who we look up to as well as the system which we have been following have been stooping so low. Hence I always gave very much importance to emotional intelligence in one’s life beginning from my childhood. I understood that only when there emotional intelligence is high we will be able to treat our fellow beings with love and care. Feeling what another being goes through, whether it is a human or an animal is by nature the most divine quality that can help us create a better world for ourself and others. Just imagine a beautiful world where everyone is trying to understand each other and acting accordingly. Never ever be a slave to your own mind and ideologies. Whatever is being thrown to you by your intelligence, make sure to reflect on it very carefully. When I saw people hurting people, abusing each other, spreading hatred, those who were helpless being tortured I always had a question in my mind. Why? What is the younger generation going to learn from these so called grown ups who are wrecking havoc on this planet ? Today people try to avoid these situations not by pure acceptance, but by tolerance. Tolerance should not be the goal. Acceptance should be the goal. This is one of the reasons why I am always emphasising on topics related to self reflection and being conscious . Because when we are completely aware of this life and our self in its true essence, the basic building block required to build a world filled with peace and happiness is established. Recently when I saw people routing for racial unity it was a very inspiring moment but at the same time I also thought to myself that after all these years we are still facing the same issues, not only regarding racial discrimination but also discrimination in the form of caste, creed, religion, politics, profession, status, power, finance and many more. This is a clear indication that only the technology has advanced and not us. Only the outer world has developed and not the world that lies within us. We are a bunch of living beings trying to make the outer world as much advanced, superior and comfortable as possible before fixing ourselves first. We are all going to unite only when we are sane enough to try and understand the essence of this life in the right way, The only way we can speed up this process is by raising the future generation in the right direction. And when our perception of this very life unites as a result of self realisation, we are not only going to take care of our own kind but also every other living beings on this planet. I might get perceived as over confident about my thoughts on unity. …

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There has been an increase in the mental depression rate across the globe over the years and it exists in almost every age group. Although depression induced from trauma are something not everyone can avoid, lately people are simply falling into one. Is it the life style? I cannot see any kind of strict measures being taken by the society either. I feel people always refrain from talking about their mental health condition as they don’t want to be judged by the society maybe because there is a public stigma associated with it. The way society views this topic needs to be changed so that people can express it comfortably. The affect generated by a depressive mind if not taken care is devastating. I have heard of parents acknowledging less about the mental health condition of their kids. Is it because they haven’t come across one in their childhood ? The lifestyles are changing so does the age at which certain diseases and health conditions occur. Children undergoes so much pressure and pain silently which later grows into something disastrous and by the time it is acknowledged things would have already gotten worse. It’s high time parents take care of their children’s mental health. When I first encountered depression, I had the strong support of my mother because she knew the pain as she too underwent depressive episodes when she was young. She would provide me the emotional support I required at every stages of my life. She would encourage me by telling her stories of how she overcame it, the saddest part was she had no one to tell. No one even understood what depression was during her time and she would bare it all by herself. I really believe that for a depressed person emotional support is the most essential thing in that stage of their life. They may not be in a condition to ask it, but it is the duty of their family to provide it by understanding their situation. …

Part 1

Well, here I am again, writing my second blog. To be frank I have always been a lazy guy who always found it difficult to hang on to something. Never thought I will come back to blogging again but it sure looks like this is the perfect time to make one and keep everyone excited. I hope everyone are healthy and safe. I can see that everyone are looking forward to do something that will help them keep up with this crisis. I see people coming up with art, music and many other creative stuffs, which has inspired me to start blogging once again and this time it is going to be about one of my travel diaries, about one of my most cherished journeys till now, the trip I took to the Himalayas in 2019. In fact everything about the Himalayan trip began during our trip to the Jog falls in Karnataka in 2018. That trip was about to end and as usual we were planning about our next destination and that’s when we came up with the Himalayan plan. Initially everyone thought it was never going to happen.It was merely a dream which we were never sure of. But like they say, every dream will come true if you truly believe in it and looks like everyone in our little team believed so. …

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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

This is my first blog in medium. I have been longing to write something meaningful that could help everyone in one way or the other but I was never able to find a suitable platform. When I first came to know about medium I was pretty excited but being the soft introvert I am, I backed down a lot of times from expressing myself. Good gracious I was finally able to shed some of my introvertedness for good.

Coming to the part, I really wanted to have my voice heard not for me but for the people who are struggling to find happiness in every aspect of their life. I have always been astonished by almost everything happening around me. I still look at the world through the eyes of a child. Everything still seems pretty new to me when I take a closer look at our universe. Well talking about me, I have seen and felt the worst throughout my life. I lost my dad when I was young, I have been subject to multiple episodes of depression recently, I never thought I would ever have to go through all these but I firmly believed that whatever happens, I would come out of these struggles one day. I went through all of them one by one and what emerged from all those emotional struggles was a completely different mindset about life. I lost a lot. Maybe more than I could have ever imagined. I was struggling hard to find happiness, but eventually, I learned to reframe the word happiness in my own terms, which is why I am finally going to pen down about my thoughts on various aspects of our life, maybe if you find me helpful and entertaining we can cruise together in this journey to help everyone live life in the most beautiful way possible. …


Pranav Jayaraj

Software Engineer at FRND

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